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Wedding photographer Copenhagen

Professionel wedding photographer Copenhagen for your marriage in Denmarks largest city. Copenhagen is a very beautiful and popular place for a marriage in Denmark. A wedding i the historic city of Copenhagen is very different from a traditional church weddings, since it allows us to capture the whole wedding ceremony with pictures.

Weddings in Copenhagen are great because the location close to the water and the historic buildings of royalty, is a good place to make great pictures of you. If you chose Copenhagen as your venue for your marriage, be sure to hire a professional and creative wedding photographer.

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Marriage in Copenhagen

A wedding in Copenhagen can be done by the mayor or another person whom the mayor has authorized to handle the wedding ceremony details. Two witnesses must be present.
You can contact Copenhagen city hall to make an appointment for your wedding. If you need a professional photographer, feel free to call os at: (+45) 25 94 68 60
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Wedding pictures by a professional photographer are great memories from the day where you seal your love to each other. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will gladly be your photographer and tell you about the options for making creative pictures of your wedding Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. If you would like to get married in Jutland, then you can find a wedding arrangement here.

Civil marriage in Copenhagen

If you´re getting married at the Copenhagen city hall, we can also offer to take your wedding photos in Copenhagen. It dosen´t matter if its a weekday or in the weekends. Either way, we can help making creative and unique wedding pictures allover Copenhagen, whereever you want it. Please send us a email, and we will get right back to you. Welcome to your Wedding photographer Copenhagen.