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Wedding Denmark at Holckenhavn Castle

Holckenhavn Castle is a manor house located next to Holckenhavn Fjord, an arm of the Great Belt, just south of Nyborg on the east coast of Funen, Denmark. One of the most magnificent manor houses whose history can be traced all the way back to 1590. Wedding at Holckenhavn Castle, Nyborg is amazing. Danish award winning wedding photographers voresstoredag.dk knows the castle and the good photo locations very well.

Holckenhavn Castle1 Holckenhavn Castle2 Holckenhavn Castle3 Holckenhavn Castle4 Holckenhavn Castle5 Holckenhavn Castle6 Holckenhavn Castle7 Holckenhavn Castle10 Holckenhavn Castle11 Holckenhavn Castle12 Holckenhavn Castle13 Holckenhavn Castle14 Holckenhavn Castle15 Holckenhavn Castle16 Holckenhavn Castle17 Holckenhavn Castle18 Holckenhavn Castle19 Holckenhavn Castle20 Holckenhavn Castle21 Holckenhavn Castle22 Holckenhavn Castle23 Holckenhavn Castle24 Holckenhavn Castle25 Holckenhavn Castle26 Holckenhavn Castle27 Holckenhavn Castle28 Holckenhavn Castle29 Holckenhavn Castle30 Holckenhavn Castle31 Holckenhavn Castle32 Holckenhavn Castle33 Holckenhavn Castle34 Holckenhavn Castle35 Holckenhavn Castle36 Holckenhavn Castle37 Holckenhavn Castle38 Holckenhavn Castle39 Holckenhavn Castle40 Holckenhavn Castle41


Holckenhavn 1, 5800 Nyborg